Scouting 101

Welcome to Arrow of Light

Our Goals
Arrow of Light is a 3-6 month program for boys in fifth grade. It's the segway from Cub Scouts into Boy Scouts. They will be more independent when it comes to running the meetings. The leader will be a mediator and make sure things move smooth, but the proejcts and field trips are solely up to the boys. The boys start usually in June, however new recuits will show up in September during the big Scout Night signup event. They will graduate in December and start Boy Scouts in January; should they choose to continue on.

Is your Fifth Grader thinking about Scouts?
Then you probably have some questions...
Email the Den Leader. Den Leader's like to help parents too.


The uniform for new-coming Arrow of Light scouts is going to be a grey shirt with basic patches on it. Since he'll be moving into Boy Scouts in a few short months, it's not worth getting everything purchased, having to buy half of it again. Ask your Cub Master for more details on how to handle the uniform for a new recruit into the Arrow of Light program.

Scouting 101


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